Articles for Schools – Social Networking

Its a global state of the universe. Connecting with one another is not sufficient these days. We keep on trying to reach beyond what we have achieved. Therefore, one most important thing to do on our list is to build connection in various ways.

Man is a social animal and from the time, when we used to walk miles to meet each other, our latest tool to be socially connected is called social networking.

Be it personal, professional, political or social reforms; we stay upfront & updated through social networking. Internet was a medium of providing information initially. However it has become a lifeline for all of us. Who has time these days to meet friends & family? Letters are already forgotten. And Emails, don’t have that personal touch.. Do they? A lot of platforms are already in the market where we can create our profiles, share pictures, videos, voice clips and so on. It makes it really alive and gives a virtual feel of the presence of each other.

Not to mention, not just personally, even professionalism is not complete today without social networking. Interactive websites, blogging, twitter & other such portals dedicated to professional world have become an essential for even small brands & companies.

Politics is not a play of few elected people anymore. Democracy insists common people to raise their voice & the politicians to clear their stand, which is quickly done through social networking. Hence social networking is a tailor made capsule to maintain the health of political world.

How easy it has become for the those organizations who act for the cause of social reforms. Reach out for the supporters, get the help from potential people and spread the word about the facilities and help centres’ existence could not be easier without social networking.

It cant be compiled in few words to explain the importance of social networking from a user’s point of view but surely we all cannot deny it.



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