Aur Pyar Ho Gaya – Review

A drop in the ocean, one cumin seed in camel’s mouth and a quality program on television; all are same these days. There are blend of programs on TV and it becomes a matter of clash between family members when it comes to deciding upon which program to watch or not. Consequently started the trend of keeping separate television for each generation, they split up and started being confined to their own rooms. Those who couldnt afford to do keep on enjoying the family fight over TV programms.

It shouldn’t actually be that difficult for the mature generation. After all maturity tells us that change is eternal and a stick not bent is deemed to break. Henceforth, changing with the new generation and getting used to of their tastes and choices is really a petty but integral. When you start adapting their choices they also get the soft corner for your choices.. after all its not 70s generation to follow their elders’ say.

Lately, I started watching a new serial on Zee TV – Aur Pyar Ho Gaya. Storyline has to be really simple binding people into love, but whether or not its going to bind viewers to it, all depends on the twists, the dialogues and the presentation of the cast as well. This serial started at a very odd time which gave me a feel that its not going to gain popularity. The fact is that in india, a great audience stays at home so that issue is resolved. As far as quality of the program is concerned, I must say it has a freshness and has managed to stay beyond anticipation. Two new stars playing as Avni and Raj are new but confident.

Story is little too traditional, non existent in big cities and perhaps in small towns also, yet it manages to glue the audience. Why? Because what we dream in our lives makes it simple in these goody shows. The serial has a logical thinking, where elders are very particular about their traditions and at the same time they give space to children to open up and show their intelligence. So far it is away from the family politics. So, when you adapt your children’s choices, this one can be included in their choice. They may find you boring teaching them values and traditions but what they see on TV, definitely affects them.

So , hope for a better story ahead. Happy Watching.


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