Sanskrit in India – an ignored child

Searching on the internet, I found few benefits of learning sanskrit even at a young age. Came to know that Nasa would be hiring scholars in sanskrit. Its a language which belongs to India. The education culture ripping the beauty of education away, has done quite the same with sanskrit as well.

My son,11, who has just completed his 6th grade from Bal Bharti Public School, Delhi, could not score a level of marks in his 5th grade. That was most essential to get a choice of opting third language in his 6th grade. We requested teachers and principle that he is a child who goes by the logic and understanding and wont be able to do the mugging up of sanskrit. But we were not entertained telling that rules are rules. ( ignoring the needs, mental ability, interest, and capabilities of an individual child ). Well, keeping in mind the other benefits we consoled ourselves and our son that probably it is for good.

Adding to the imposed subject, we yet had to experience the teacher he got to teach it. She, in the entire session of one year, could not develop interest in children for her subject. Each child I asked for sanskrit work, answered it is not complete or they dont get what teacher teaches or the teacher appoints the class monitor to dictate and they dont get it or they are not interested; leaving few who had either already developed habit of mugging up things or knew the answers available online. The incapability of this teacher was so much that developing love for her subject was far beyond, she didnt even bother to collect notebooks of each child and give remarks of work done or undone. 

In that case, either this teacher is a poor chap who is incapable of handling a class of around 40 children, or she doesnt deserve to be called guru, because she is just a supplement of answer book and not a guru who could instill love for the subject she teaches. Or like we say the education system is a business ignoring the individual needs of our future, our children. 

Whom to approach to change the system and tell our children that you are not a child labour studying the subjects given to you, You are being nurtured by selecting the subjects meant for you, as you love it and probably born for it.

Hello.. Ministry of Education… get some sensitivity for children of India… anyone Alive???




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