When you are wrong..

We are always ready to blame the person who hurt us and cry over the matter. Ever wore the shoes of the culprit and feel how tragic it is to be there? All our sorrows are washed away with our tears, left with the strength to fight the adverse, covered with the shield of ego and sympathy; and thats how we are survived. How, the person manages who cant go beyond his developed personality and just hurt his loved one, especially when he is left with humanity. No tears come out to show that he did wrong. No blaming to vent out the anger. Just gulp down what he himself has done.
Its not that it leaves you feeble. Its an entirely differently self satisfying feeling, when you face it, admit it, and believe that you are so.
Face your differences and admit them. You might hurt someone unknowingly many times a day. Sometimes hurting someone knowingly also becomes necessary to be fair and transparent. Neither to deceive your own self nor to the other one. Problems you receive in life leaves you strong and sensitive, Problems that you give also leave you with the same; provided you are humane and can judge yourself without being bias.

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