Festivals in India

Festivals.. how close to our hearts?!

How we view our Festivals
Fast running lives… People looking like mob more than individuals… hardly able to find time to look behind. Who cares what is left undone.. lets look forward. Gone by is gone by. Everybody trying to appear to themselves a positive person with a lively positive mindset all the way. Eyes are now coated with thin layers of glossy shine… looking forward for a bright future. Relations seem to be binding.. holding back.. clutching the speed. Following our traditional cultural values is too complicated … lets make it simple!Festivals are being edited, as we dont have that much time, not enough money to please everybody like before. Hence leave it.. and change it as per ease. How we look at our festivals now a days.. how we celebrate them! Its become more an escape from our busy jobs. Life has become so monotonous that we find these festivals more like chocolates in depression rather than that old holy and devotional feeling.No matter who has what perception, but for sure, festivals have surely still been playing a good job in bringing us close to our loved ones and to our own selves too by permitting us some time off our jobs.

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