Heart Beats

All the excitement of going to Mughal Garden, grabbing time out of the busy schedule, gathering friends and relatives, grab your umbrellas passing through the roads and lanes, checking the address and finally we are here, at the most awaited garden in Delhi.. the Mughal Garden. Its drizzling on a weekend evening. Not many people are there but still noticeable crowd could be seen. A school trip is also out there with great expectations in their eyes to see the multi colored floral beauty of Mughal Garden.

All went nice until the turn off started with a rude comment of a security personnel who while collecting the umbrella along with car keys passed a comment that people are foolish enough to submit the umbrella without even buttoning it up. The very attitude and arrogant way of talking showed his pride in sitting outside the President house. Huh! there would be many a dogs barking and watching out for security. Does a nice behaviour in India cost really high these days?.. especially with government staff ..

All the announcements are continued… No one can carry water bottle, no matter they cough inside and find no water, no matter people feel thirsty walking all way. No one can carry Umbrellas , no matter they get drenched , be it kids on that school trip , young or old. I could not move one step ahead when after all this harassing treatment big security check of ladies line went without detector rather with hands.. Ha! great security. I could not move few steps ahead when a feeling clutched me from inside that made me feel no more than a walking animal in the garden. Are we really humans? Didnt feel like it at that time with the compulsion to walk inside Presidents
‘ garden without umbrella under the heavy drops of rain.

No one wants to see, no one wants to do anything, real fact is no one wants to take the responsibility. Suppress public, it will adjust and tolerate anything and everything that is passed on to it. It is Public. Passing umbrellas through scanner, checking water bottles, checking people with detectors increases the security staff’s responsibility. But who takes the responsibility. Why would they? We are here to feed them. shed your taxes, pay their salaries no matter you live under the naked sword of losing your job next day. Because you are just public and they are government staff.

Oh, how could I forget to mention! The parking slip given by the security staff of North avenue was not recollected be me by anyone when I took my car from their parking lot. Why would they? It was just my car, just someone, part of crowd.

It Is insensitive Government and their insensitive officials, Top to Bottom, Heartless and Shameless.

Boycott Mughal Garden!! Why treat yourself as a subject, why make yourself just a common man. Boycott every single thing that lowers your self esteem and brings inequality. Boycott Mughal Garden…. Let President enjoy its Beauty. For us the World is beautiful, and that small balcony in our houses with our loved plants more soothing than this humiliation.

Not for me.


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