Latest Trends in Searching Job

Change is inevitable and its a constant part of Job Market as well. There was a time when HR had to strive to secure its place and prove its worth in company. It was task of only the HR persons to analyse the profiles and fit them into the requirement of the company.

But, What others perceive of us, is as per their discretion. ” I am not what you think of me !!!” Of course, You know yourself The Best. So take the charge. Be Loud and tell the employers what you actually are.
You give your Best in a relationship to make it work. But to get into one, you perform your bestest of behaviour to show your worth. Likewise, Back seat Driving in searching a job will not do. Perfect Tool of the Millenium is now unleashed for the Job Seekers and aspirants to enhance their career.
” Career Portfolio Management ” . Sounds quite familiar? Well, Portfolio Management strikes immediately the Finance aspect. This time its something more important. Portfolio Management for your Career. Get an overview of what it is:
Unlike typical storing of information in your CV, its more about your CV including your evidence of abilities, skills, potentials and achievement. We call it Infographic CV. It builds your credibility. A student who is graduating and seeking an entry-level position would likely include documents produced during academic coursework. Across a career, such documents would be replaced with projects completed on the job and with the permission of the employer. It can assist the individual demonstrate qualifications in a performance evaluation or for promotion. Thus, the career portfolio can be useful in obtaining an internship or entry-level position and throughout a career’s progression.
When do you need a Career Portfolio?
  • To begin your career ( Job Search Tool )
  • Interns ( During and Post intern )
  • To show as evidence of skills and abilities
  • Make it portable and accesible – Your own Electronic Portfolio
  • When you need to Market yourself ( After all its not easy !

What difference it makes?

A- ” I have worked on so n so project ”

B- ” I have worked on so n so project. Its available in my Portfolio along with accredition from my Faculty and the comments from my peers and seniors ”

How I really need to tell you what difference it made on the employer. Surely B in above example has made it compulsive for the employer to go through his portfolio besides the confidence he already experimented by showing his status as really updated in his field.

However A just leave the employer still in a dicy state of mind to select A. Lack of being experimental and well marketed candidate.

What is included in a Career Portfolio 

  1. Infographic CV ( Custom as per the Job )
  2. Personalized Website ( Part of the Launch of Career Portfolio Managment in India )
  3. Academic Plan of Study (relevant courses titles—not course numbers)
  4. Professional Goals (short term and long term)
  5. Personal mission statement
  6. Written and Visual Documents (e.g., a memo, case response, research report, PowerPoint presentation slides, brochure, client proposal, new product description, etc.)
  7. Evidence of Skills & Knowledge Acquired from Academic Preparation and Work Experience
  8. Leadership Experiences
  9. Community Involvement
  10. Performance Appraisals
  11. Awards/Certificates/Honors
  12. Letters of Commendation
  13. Other Evidence of Professionalism
  14. List of References
  15. Solicited Letters of Recommendation

Start Early is the Key to stay ahead in the tough competion. Besides, when you start early you dont need to memorize your skills, you dont need to find people who can recommend your skills, you dont need to search the evidences and documents to include in the portfolio.

Founder, Blaze Infomatiks Pvt Ltd
New Delhi, India

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