Women Make Digital India

Sheroes Truffle #WMDI – The Meet 2015


The blooming flower of Sheroes opens up its petals slow & steady and this was yet another charm revealed by holding the Forum for all the Sheroes. Its not that never before speakers, consultants and coach have lead any such meet but when it comes to women, agree, it has to be lil special. Lil special when we are on the journey of evolving the creator, the preserver, the caregiver, the returning mother.

#Paytm; Leading the event by the very inspiration and a constant support, the founder of Sheroes Sairee Chahal; Vijay Shekhar Sharma the founder of Paytm grabs the mike and we get to meet a very down to earth and humble being, who is just one of us, having a family so ordinary and so special just like ours. Only thing that sets him apart of crowd is:

  1. His idea
  2. His belief to execute it
  3. His constant belief to successfully be doing it but His own way

We all get ideas at one point or the other to make things better but not all of us are so motivated and persistent believers to take it up. Vijay’s out of the box thinking blend with the courage out of his belief made him launch cashback in place of discounts and loyalty schemes. And we all know how tempting and useful it sounds to hear of cashbacks.

#BigDeal TV; Raj Kundra, the investor the business person, made me impressed by revealing that their BigDeal TV is not just ecommerce platform. Besides, it encourages women to work with them where they get trained and groomed by the team. Invest, Earn and also become fruit bearing yourself. Great twist!

#JetSetGo; Kanika Tekriwal, coming ahead of cancer with all her positivity, she lived her dream and set up a company in aviation industry giving online marketplace for private jet and helicopters. Still learning the negotiations and recovery part, she prevails in her very own expertise.

#PoolWallet; Smita Mishra, having launched a Pool Wallet with the thought of benefitting women & men as simple knowledged as press walas and kaam wali bai.

After listening to all the stories of evolved and growing entrepreneurs, many of the participants were under the impression that may be due to circumstances and due to lack of funds, not all of us could attempt something exceptional.

And there comes the iron lady, Sangeeta Murthi Sehgal. She eased us and glued us to hear her with her charismatic way of speaking. Life was not all the same for her. She wasn’t in my opinion standing there as an entrepreneur or just a self-made lady. She rather appeared to be a butterfly with its innocent beauty, an ant constantly at work like its born for it and will die for it with great pleasure, who calls herself a chameleon who changes its color with each offered circumstance.

Situationally or out of choice she always took her stand to be a corporate creature, a consultant and a rather full time and lifelong caregiver for her exceptionally deserving parents in their degenerating stages, while being available for her loving in laws, husband and family. There could hardly be any far challenging life to deal with. That’s Sheroes!

Then comes a full of life, bubbly, self-motivated and self-driven Stand-up Comedian Neeti Palta. This girl took her life’s decisions literally on her own, dared to opt an exceptional profession, keep moving and rather made her parents be proudly satisfied on her stand. Her tussle is not yet fully stopped apparently, yet she can’t help finding it nothing more than hilarious.SheroesWMDI

A perfect closing to the Meet arrived with Sonam Kalra, a Singer, a Curator working on a Sufi Gospel Project bound us with her patriotic song played, infusing once again the spirit of being one nation and stand bold to take a stand and raise our voice.

Leaving the Sheroes Summit was like walking out with my self-esteem back, like me being important; rather most important. When I take myself important, I respect myself and my decisions. When I am back with my dignity, I treat others with respect. When I have my head high and chin up, I get all the courage to keep moving with all the odds I confront.




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