Career vs Passion – Its 2016!!

Talking about career vs passion, conveniently we rule out that choose your career wisely

  1. a) to get you paid well
  2. b) bring a so called settled life, and
  3. c) go by your inner characteristic.

You study half of your life taking in the time you spend in trainings and certifications. Credit goes to the choice you make to earn well to spend well to lead a steady life. How many of you will agree that being settled and steady is the reason we were born for?

I personally never recommend to stop when you feel settled. In fact, that’s the time you need to be experimental & innovative. You have a lot acquired now and it’s the best time you should give back to the world with your knowledge, intelligence and intentions. So is this the time you pursue your passion.

Guys I am not quoting your retirement days here.

Plan your passion while planning your career could be the right mindset rather. Finally talking of going by your inner characteristic. Its all up to you actually, whether you wish to settle with a comfort zone or you like to take up challenge and outgrow your inner self.

Mind it, its 2016! An era where mass of extraordinary brains are popping enormously, with their ideas and intelligence blend businesses and start ups. Not everyone is advised here to follow the suit, but the crux is that its not necessary to look at it Career vs Passion. Can it be Career via Passion?



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