Done with your Resume? ..Really?

Browsing through hundreds of resumes I wonder what holds people back from getting experimental in creating their resumes..

It can be,

Lacking creativity – Not all of us are creative. But that’s not what your employer wants to see. You may be an Expert in your field but domain but you can’t let that hide behind your non creative resume.

Fearing boldness – Modesty is good sometimes but when it comes to showcasing your skills and the reason why you should be hired, this may cost you being lost among hundred of resumes. So be modest but modestly Bold.

Lacking Self confidence – Sometimes a lot of reasons become reason of our low sel f confidence, be it economical, social or personal. Believe me, everyone has their downtime. None of your reasons is out of this world. So, when you feel least confident, that is exactly the time when you need the confidence. Mind it!

Non organized – Being organized is not everyone’s cup of tea. But seriously, this is one thing that is base of streamlining things and giving a perfect start. When your resume is organized well and thoughtfully it grabs the attention to every details YOU want to highlight.

Monotonous lifestyle – People doing their jobs in same-same routine and more likely in a similar set pattern, find least time to get creative. This reflects in your resume and displays a retiring you. When you are being hired, its not just a person desired, it’s a spark that is expected to be infused and then there will be no looking back.

Or, ignorance – Majorly, I feel that most of job seekers are ignorant how much above mentioned factors affect adversely in getting them a job that suits them and pay them well.

Not too late if you haven’t still cared about it. Take your time and Think again.

You deserve a Transformation, a Makeover, and a New You!


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