Nation’s calling Change – 1

A long time thought became irresistible to come out through this blog, after listening to Meenakshi Lekhi, this evening, in an interview.

I have been following updates on political leaders tweets from some time and lately it became disheartening for me to follow it.

Social Media is surely a mean to raise voice and let it reach to mass. One person’s wrong is another one’s right, but is it really completely so always? We all Agree, We all Disagree, We Criticize, We Complain, We Suggest, We Debate or even Argue But when it comes to We Fight… Wait… there has to be a protocol to fight.

We, at home, make it a point not to argue in front of kids. We make it a point to be nicely, constructively discussing and conclude things. However, when it comes to politics, either there seem to be no protocols or we are being too lenient with it.

Political voices apparently overdo the critics of actions and decisions of the opposition party sometimes. Everything seems to be on a war front, pulling the legs, being the best critics. Cant we for a change try and work together as just responsible citizens of India. Let us, sometime hear a word of praise for the one who does an effort, no matter he is from the other party. It surely a matter of every five years at least.

It also makes me think, Democracy in our country is splitting up the country itself. On one hand is dream of One Nation and on the other hand is, Many communities, Many political parties, Many demands for separate states like their own small nation. Its just splitting up My One Nation.

Their has to be a new definition to Democracy. Their has to be a new Unity in the way Political Parties elect and work further. When the leaders will stop discriminating then only the citizens feel secure and therefore, leading to zero communal demands and riots and split ups.

Ah! I mentioned Meenakshi Lekhi and wrote nothing on her. Well, I really never updated myself on her but now I will. Because, when she spoke of the reforms she has been working on, when she mentioned that media should bring the deserving aspects and people in focus, when she without criticizing spoke of a change on national level, I heard a voice willing to work for a Real change.

Definitely will bring some Positive Changes and a Series of it. After all, a positive outlook brings out to positive us.


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