Self Care Tips for Holi – Skin, Hair & More

Holi goes synonymous with Fun, Frolic, Laughter, Friends, Family, Togetherness and a lot of colors. I defy the one who does not like colors, play it and not like it. Its actually rejuvenating, giving you a kick start for a fresh and all new you.

Just a few reminders for your unrepentant bash in those bright colors and you make your way to be the smarter one.

The Pre-Holi Tips

  • No need to visit your beauty salon pre-Holi. Infact, let your face be very raw so the next time you go for threading, upper lips, facial, the color removing becomes easy by self.
  • Drink plenty of water. Did you know, the dryness on your skin and even scalp might not need moisturizing shampoos and dryness creams for your face. BTW, dryness will cause color patches on your skin.
  • Oiling time baby. On the very day, First thing to do is apply some good oil that suits you or just the coconut oil, which has healing properties as well, all over your skin, scalp, body, hands and don’t forget feet and the curves of your ears. Immerse the tips in oil- hair tips, finger tips and toes too. One good time to beat kushti kings in oiling 😉
  • Painting Pleasure; its one time when both girls and boys can paint their nails together. Its going to save ’em from after color after all. Again, Don’t miss out on your toes.

Post-Holi Pleasures

  • Dusting away the color from your hair and skin, followed by using some oil to wipe out the oil soluble colors.
  • Go Bathing with cold water preferably even though the warm water is most desired on a perfect holi day.
  • Anti-Dandruff shampoo and lemon are considered good for bleaching.
  • Do Not overdo rubbing the skin. The harsh color will be gone eventually in 2-4 days.
  • Try a pack of Besan mixed with curd or milk and some rose water. Let it dry and wash off.
  • Pimple prone people may just try some mild soap followed by aloe vera gel, extract directly from the plant.

Cherish some oiling post drying your hair ( Dont blow dry ).

Well moisturize the body.

Enjoy the Holi with your dear ones with no freaking because of color fright. More the color and water, more you’re back to your childhood.

The naughtier you be, the better your inner child feel. 😉

Have a playful Holi!


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