“Dear Recruiter”

Job seekers in India are going through a period of adolescence and this implies more to those who get less exposure to global interaction or keep their presence less on professional social media.

Coming to a query raised by a job aspirant whether he should reply to his recruiter using ‘Dear’. Most people still are reluctant in using little personalized approach. I would say, when you are addressed as ‘Dear Mr Lastname’, you can surely revert in the same manner.

Its the time where people are expected to be more than clerks and followers. Once you show yourself a leader, your style and your attitude must own you. This is where you can grab all the attention towards convincing your out of the box approach. Your energy and exceptional approach is definitely desired in a fast pace work environment.

I dont know how a snapchat job application would work in India or even other countries but here the employer also can take an opportunity to go exceptional.

Concluding it all, going little distant, keeping mannerism intact is just going to make you stand apart from the crowd. You don’t become different unless you try out so.

Time to try out the You you!


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