Taking care of your elder ones -Its Easier

In a fast pace life, where we seek support and guidance to be a responsible parent, sometimes we forget that we are, by default, a guardian of an elderly child as well. Yes, That’s our parents!

As a matter of fact, Our parents need little extra attention and a strategy, to be well taken care of. It is true that we love our parents, yet demanding circumstances and our ignorance to the need, may bring a heartache for them.

Let’s sort it out- What they need and what we can do.

Monetary Independence – All through life these experienced citizens have been independent financially, be it while working or saving from the household expense.

Let them decide what to do with their pension. Be there no source of income for them, fix a pocket money for them. Keep them informed on latest investing schemes. Encourage them to be active investor. This will be excellent for their brain health and get them a sense of confident living with pride.

2) Engagement – It is most important for anyone alive to be engaged. When you become a piece of furniture, you are dead already.

Find some recreation centers, yoga classes, helping the grand-children with studies ( and not just studies rather inculcate some playful habits )

Involve them in Decision Making, no matter what you decide. Ask them for their say.

3) Health – Heath is the way to Happy life. No harm in becoming too observant and notice every minute change in their health. Better get it checked before it alarms.

4) Spiritual Guidance – Spirituality is one single gateway to self attainment. Maslow states when one need of people is achieved, they move on the other. While spirituality brings balance to the needs. Old age is the time when we might need to learn to balance our needs and even be happy with it. Spirituality surely does that for us.

5) Time – Last, Least and Above All needed is your time. This is what you try to give to your children for their healthy growth and this is same that you must do for your parents. Believe me, Your 5 min with them alone will bring them to peak of joy and contentment.

Task for you – Take one new step for each five tips given here. I welcome any comments, queries and stories from you or your elderly ones.


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