Making of a Brand New Messi or Ronaldo?

The great footballer Lionel Messi, considered the best, was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency in his childhood. Could be compared to a dwarf and a fragile persona, outgrew to be the best of his sport and a Hero. He was self driven by the passion he was born with.

An incident shared by a dear contributor on Quora, left me speechless and thoughtful at the same time. Here it goes:

Two brothers working in a roadside burger stall and the younger one is asked if he studies. His answer was to great interest that he had his chemistry practical the following day. Besides a football match the next evening. So how he was going to study? Well, the night was his for the same and even practice some of his football moves.

This guy did not have TV at home and got videos from his friends downloaded to watch and then practice himself. He did not follow any footballer and wished the world to follow him rather.

Sounds the hell difficult a life for poor young guy, who seemed to struggle through earning bread n butter, with the burden of studies. But not for this young, energetic and positive bright boy. He was neither worried about his chemistry practical nor complaining about his demanding contribution by working with his brother at the burger stall whole day after school.

On the other handle, it reminds me of our well pampered children who find the facilities given to them little less than what they deserve.

Can we expect our youth to try n be Aimless to determined, dissatisfied to content ( personally I don’t think youth can be content yet an attitude of achieving by self and all expectations from themselves, can surely be infused. )

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