Most Desired Man on Earth!

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and his wife Subbalaxmi were a pleasure listening to, together. I don’t know yet about their journey, their personal choices and their methods of life; still the aura they carried left me impressed and charmed by their presence. There is always something your see beyond words. You may soon forget about it or if paid attention can draw a philosophy of your own.

The respect that they both seemed to carry for each other, the gratefulness for each other’s presence, the effortless effort to give importance to each other was hard to ignore. Ustad has even evolved Raag Subbalaxmi for his wife Subbalaxmi… I mean.. Really? Can you really imagine how far a person has to go to devote something remarkable to his love? To that person who was no one in your life once but with your Own grace, you make it irresistible, to be more beautiful, each day.

Life also seems a game of building blocks. These blocks can be built by yourself alone also and you can view and pat for your creation. On the other hand, when you join hands with someone, who comes with you to become one and think like a mutually One, it becomes a happiness & joy building the same blocks. Now its not just your creation and efforts, now its a joy of becoming one joy of being able to think like the other yet act like one.

Well, contentment is complementary. So as they say Do what you love and as long it  delays ?..Love what you do, and the block building will start itself.

Try it out guys!! ­čÖé


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