Make up Products Working Women Need

A rough day or a butter flow one, Full of Meetings or the back-end planning; working women always dwell an innocent desire and basic need of few Make up Products. Actually, I wonder if these should be called make up products or bare essentials for a typical work day.

Once you are outside your comfortable home, you can’t avoid facing all sorts of weather impacts and many more. Let’s get to know few basic beauty products to support you through entire work day.

Graceful you and your Skin : Body Lotion care

Our body suffers not only from changing weather and pollution but also the soaps we use. It loses the moisture in the process. This gives a major reason for working women to use Body Lotion as essential every day. You get ample choice to choose from Nivea Body Lotions also with a variety to suit your skin type.

Nivea 1


Beat the Odor :just deodorize

Blame the pollution and the messy food we get to eat. It even increases the body odor making our day smell not so fresh. It’s so out of the question to step out and work whole day without using a fresh fragrant Body spray. Nivea, Axe, Helios may be a must on your dressing table and even to carry along especially if you are a working woman.


Carry the Special Look : the Face Wash secret

No need to curse the long working hours and sacrifice on your feminine grace. Just carry a pack of Fash Wash in your bag and there you go for a pimple free face with no tired look. Once again, suit your face skin type choosing from fem, Garnier or Nivea Fash Wash. It’s just that simple.


Your Face has a Friend : the skin foundation

For many years now, women have relied on Skin Foundation while stepping out to give it an even tone. Lakme skin foundation has been a lot trusted through all these years. You just look your best in all the presentations with the same awesome confidence.


Retire the Day with care: Scrub it off

You reach home and return to many more duties at home. Many a times working women don’t find time to think if their skin still gives a call for a little care at the end of the day. Washing the face is not just enough. All the oil, dirt and that little make up you put on for a great day needs to be taken out now for your skin to breathe. Trying out the reliable Biotique Scrubs is a sure shot to rub out the dirt absorbed by your skin that your soap just

can’t. biotique41CDtiKJUmL

Joy of Pamper : Rosewater

Rose is useful in many ways to our internal and external beauty. So does the Dabur Gulabari Rose Water before you go to bed. Just apply some Rose water all over your face and around the neck and you get a fresh looking baby face the next morning. That’s tested by many and trusted too.gulabdownload



Little extra care, few chosen make up products make the working women rock stars all the way.

You deserve it not because you earn but because you yearn; to be the best, because, You are the Best!


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